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Founded in 2013, Urbio is a Romanian company with private capital, formed by a national team of specialists, with extensive experience in the field of energy and IT & Services, demonstrated by numerous projects implemented in the last 8 years.

Our vision is to provide alternative solutions to traditional energy systems and streamline street lighting. We specialize in the development of photovoltaic, solar and wind systems, used to create sustainable, environmentally friendly and interconnected urban infrastructure at the national level.

Out of a desire to use alternative resources in the most efficient way possible, we invest in research and development, to improve our products and to create new technological concepts.

The Urbio team focuses on designing and building a software platform that automates and streamlines street lighting, collects information on air quality, traffic in certain areas and weather in exact locations, and uses security and access sensors. This platform is a step towards transforming a city into a smart city, streamlining the interaction between the city's inhabitants, the administration and the local business environment.


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