NEOS Lighting

Neos Lighting provides control and monitoring of lighting devices, by remote control at the switch-on point and remote control at the luminaire, optimising electricity consumption. The type of communication used, patented by Urbio, does not generate costs for data transmission and is independent of the infrastructure of other telecommunications service providers.

That way, Neos Lighting reduces the costs related to the electricity consumption for beneficiaries.

  • Software updates for control devices are done at no extra cost via the remote control network.
  • Reduced maintenance costs by up to 20% and intervention times by up to 50%. Easy maintenance via mobile app.
  • Maintenance staff will know exactly where a problem has occurred, what the potential causes are and how to fix them before they get on the field.
  • Self-reporting. Allows field problems to be managed and resolved within 2 hours of detection.
  • Autonomous – normal operation of lighting devices is guaranteed even if the server or switch-on points are down.

Monitored technical and status parameters

NEOS solves the most important challenges and problems in management, monitoring and efficiency.

  • Communication status and quality;
  • Temperature;
  • Number of operating hours;
  • Frequency;
  • Voltage;
  • Active power;
  • Reactive power;
  • Apparent power;
  • Electric current intensity;
  • Active energy;
  • Apparent energy;
  • Reactive energy;
  • Total active energy;
  • Total apparent energy;
  • Total reactive energy;
  • Localisation;

Complete. Automatic. Safe.

Through its components (hardware and software), NEOS Lighting in luminaire has the ability to control, monitor, measure and manage the operation within optimal parameter values of the public lighting network and of each luminaire or group of luminaires, with an immediate effect in making energy consumption more efficient and the promptness with which any malfunction can be remedied.

NEOS is scalable and adaptable to any community, regardless of size and geographic location, and is able to operate autonomously and independently of any communication network connection.

NEOS is available for any operating system, from any mobile or stationary device.

NEOS Lighting can also control other types of lighting:


Special areas


Safer public lighting

The NEOS remote management solution is the easiest solution for managing public lighting. The system detects and reports cases of atypical or malfunctioning lighting circuits, generating notifications and reports.

For a safer community.

Remote management in luminaire

NEOS trough the NEMA Luminaire module provides remote or automatic control of each luminaire.

Main functions

  • switch-on/switch-off
  • lighting power adjustment
  • electrical and lighting parameters measurement
  • controlling the number of operating hours
  • self-monitoring of alerts and faults
  • color code change
  • multifunctional sensors interaction
  • operating after custom schedules
  • access to public lighting network map and specific details
  • ZERO running costs

Control systems. Kamsens

The Kamsens multifunctional sensor collects information from the environment, processes and analyzes data regarding weather or traffic conditions and sends it to the NEOS remote management platform. From there, the necessary alerts are sent to adjust the lighting according to the specific conditions.

Switch-on point remote management

Switch-on point remote management can later be converted to luminaire remote management.

The role of the Light Point Interface Module (MIPL) is to receive and transmit messages to and from the MNPL to the main server.

The Measurement Module (MM) has the role of measuring and recording energy parameters for the public lighting network and to send that data to the MCR (comsumption, power factor (cos ϕ), frequency, voltage, apparent power, active and reactive).
The communication protocol used is HSPL.

The Communication – Repeater Module (MCR) role.
– Insures data transfer between IMC or another MCR module, when it is set as a signal repeater,  or to the internal luminaire modules respectively;
– Sends alerts to the gateway in case of faults detected from other modules or connection errors;
– Detects, trough its integrated sensors:changes in lighting intensity, pole tilt, traffic generated vibrations, estimated area temperature;
The communication protocols used are HSPL and LoRa

The Control and Testing Module (MC) role is to execute switch-on/switch-off commands, to verify their status and to send it to the communication module. The communication protocol is HSPL.

The role of the Communication Module (IMC) is to receive commands from the Gateway, encrypt and send them to the MC. Receiving data from the MC and sending data to the gateway.

NEOS remote management modules can function both at the switch-on point as well as a stand-alone piece of equipment, NEOS Gateway.

Operating scenarios

Automatic Schedule

It can be set on hourly intervals from the pre-set astronomical calendar, whereby the times at which the sun sets and rises are automatically calculated.

Custom Schedule

For Christmas, Easter, bank holidays or other important events, custom operating schedules can be set for a specific period of time that differ from the default schedule.


The communication type, patented by Urbio, does not generate extra costs for data transmission and is independent of other communication providers infrastructure.

The NEOS Lighting remote management system uses, for monitoring and controlling of luminaires, the same cable as the one used for supplying energy 230V, no extra wires or other additional accessories are required.

Basically, NEOS uses the already existing infrastructure, with no additional installation costs.

NEOS Serto

  • Dedicated tool for installers and maintenance staff;
  • Installation on vehicle;
  • Antenna that allows connection to the remote management system, in both switch-on point as well as in the luminaires control module;
  • It helps in easy installation of modules as well as scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities, diagnostics;

NEOS Gateway

  • Neos adapts to any situation found in the field;
  • The modules are also available in the Neos Gateway format, for easy, versatile assembly and scalability;
  • The range of Neos Gateway enclosures ensures a high degree of weather resistance, guaranteeing an increased life span of the projects;

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