NEOS Smart City

In the digital age, smart village and smart city are core concepts that increasingly define the communities we live in.

The NEOS integrated ecosystem of smart products is aimed at beneficiaries who want to lower costs through intelligent control and monitoring of managed services. From lighting to video surveillance to parking management.

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NEOS Lighting

Remote management system for public lighting. Remotely monitors and controls the street lighting system, generates alerts and notifications, consumption and failure reports.

NEOS Security

Audio/video surveillance system that monitors car and pedestrian traffic, detects violent behaviour, reports road accidents, counts people and sends alerts according to required scenarios.

NEOS Waste Management

Monitor smart bins, collection frequency and generate alerts. Video monitors the cleanliness of assigned areas and sends audio alerts in case of cleanliness violations.

NEOS Irrigation

Monitors and controls the level of irrigation in a given area (parks, green spaces). It consists of sensors that monitor the humidity of the soil and activate water circuits according to the set schedule.

NEOS Architectural Lighting

Controlează și monitorizează de la distanță sistemul de iluminare arhitecturală. Cartografiază consumul de energie electrică și poate configura programe de funcționare personalizate.

NEOS Festive Lighting

Remotely monitors and controls the festive lighting system, generates alerts and notifications, consumption and failure reports.

NEOS Smart Pole

Smart lighting poles play an important role in the infrastructure of a smart city. The municipality can access data from the field and remotely manage a range of operations and interactions.

NEOS Charging Station

Controls and monitors electric charging stations. Delivers details of each station’s location, status, faults or consumption for certain time periods or instantaneously.

NEOS CityGuard

Dedicated to citizens. People will be able to report street lighting breakdowns, problems in the road space, accidents, vandalism or other events where authorities need to intervene.

NEOS Heat Maps

Generates two-dimensional maps of values taken from smart sensors installed at the locality level. Generates alerts and reports for events exceeding normal limits.

NEOS CityZen Alert

Dedicated to citizens: The App notifies citizens of extreme events, public space sanitation program, available parking spaces, available locations of electric vehicle charging stations, etc.

NEOS Major Alert

Dedicated to local authorities. Alerts and reports can be sent to the public on exceedances of legal limits for air quality, extreme weather conditions, accidents, fires, etc.

NEOS Parking

Monitors parking spaces and provides details on the location of organised parking spaces, available spaces, payment methods, installed payment machines, opening hours, etc.

NEOS Transporting

Citizens can track real-time public transport on routes, estimating the time for the arrival at the station. The municipality can collect statistics on the efficiency of public transport.

NEOS Smart Station

Smart stations can be equipped with video surveillance systems or transport route maps. Purchase tickets and monthly subscription via an electronic kiosk, WiFi, etc.

NEOS Quality of Life

Monitors the levels of CO2, O2, impurities in breathing air, local heavy traffic, noise levels and alerts when limits are exceeded.

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